“Excellence in specialist and community healthcare” aka “Just sit tight in your home because it will be months before we give you an appointment for an assessment for a wheelchair.”. 

About a month ago I asked Mum’s Occupational Therapist for a new collapsible wheelchair: her own was on the point of permanent collapse. I was worried the dodgy brakes might fail or one of the wheels fall off its axel. While we were waiting, two weeks ago, I had to take Mum to A&E for a broken wrist. A nurse observed that it was the worst wheelchair she had ever seen. So I mentioned it to the OT again.  This morning Mum got this letter. Apparently there’s a bit of a wait. They can’t even afford capital letters or a full stop for their slogan, so there’s not much hope for any actual “Excellence”. 

Thanks again, David Cameron, and your now historic insidious management of our NHS. I shall of course have to pay for a privately funded one. Or try to blag one on Facebook. 


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