Life Going Down The Pans. Part 2. Mum’s marooned……

……………..or why I can’t complain to Victorian Plumbing. Saturday 2nd July. My home.

8.30pm “Could you come round and help me. She’s left me in bed without the zimmer frame and no telly. I was watching the football!”


8.45pm. Mum’s home. I go round to discover that Mum has been put to bed at 8.10. Her zimmer frame has been left on the other side of the room. as are  her shoes and the remote control for the television. Mum is stranded in her bed at a child’s bed-time. She had been enjoying the European Championship football her front room, like the normal person that she is.

The previous evening a similar situation had ensued, and I had phoned the Care Agency to protest. As this was the second time in a row, I not only phoned the agency, I also sent them an email.

This evening at about 6.30 I telephoned your office to pass on my concerns about the Carer who has attended my mother on Saturday evening. 
Stating this again – she came in at 8pm while mum was watching the Germany Italy match and told her she had to go to bed. Mum protested that it was too early, but she was made to go anyway. She was then left in bed with the Zimmer frame in the other room, and her shoes on the other side of the room, making it completely impossible for her to use the commode in the night. She also left mum without the remote control to the tv in the bedroom, which meant mum missed the end of the match. 
I left the Carer a note expressing my concerns. She totally ignored it. 
Tonight she came at 8.22. Here’s a picture of how she left the room, Zimmer frame and shoes, and the telly. 


IMG_1770Luckily enough I can check up on mum with video cameras. So I am at her house now and have put the zimmer and her shoes next to the bed. It’s now too late for mum to watch telly. She has been looking at a blank screen for 2 hours. 
I really don’t think this is right and this Carer should be retrained. It looks like her name is………

To date, this email has received no reply, but further phone calls have elicited promises. I know these are empty, as it all depends who they can send. Mainly the carers are very good now, but sometimes they are useless.

10 days later on the 10th July, this happened.


If Mum was able to vault over a bed rail to use a commode, she wouldn’t need a carer, a bed rail, or a commode. To compound the stupidity, one of Mum’s phones was left on, which meant that had she felt she needed to press her Age-Uk alarm for help, because just for instance, she couldn’t get out of bed, it wouldn’t work, as it needs the phone line. Fortunately I went round that night, as I was worried that she was having problems getting in and out of bed.

I complained again……….and the week went on…..see part 3




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